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Ten percent discount if Phil Reel Design provides two or more services on one bill.
Eye of Design Phil Reel Design is a Philadelphia, PA based design company. The overall mission of Phil Reel Design is to provide individuals and small
businesses with personalized graphic design work and consultation.  Whether it is restoring a damaged photo, designing invitations for a party or revitalizing a web site for a small organization, our first priority is customer satisfaction. That is why Phil Reel Design prides itself on personalized services. We offer detailed consultations and estimates to ensure that we are accommodating your individual needs. Upon choosing us to design your latest marketing package or web site, you will feel good about our service!!
Tanya Harris received her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and her Master's Degree in English and Publishing: Digital Design Concentration from Rosemont College. For the past seven years, she has assisted companies, non-profit organizations and individuals with various digital design projects and marketing packages. Tanya has also worked as a proofreader and graphic designer for Yellow Book USA, as a freelance writer for several
Founder: Tanya Harris
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periodicals and as an English Composition and Speech Communications college instructor.
She also provides personal tutoring sessions in writing and graphic design. She enjoys all
aspects of digital design, and she understands the importance of being efficient, diligent and professional with all of her clients. Send an e-mail, and become a satisfied customer today! design@philreel.com
You'll feel really good about our service!!

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